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Get Amongst It - album Released April 2012


1. FutureDeadRockStars
2. The Man Who Smiles When Things Go Wrong
3. The Inherent Racism Of Doves (feat. Piers Blewett)
4. Campervan Sex
5. Jaffa Clown Dog
6. Sanity? Check!
7. Spoilers
8. Empties(feat. Chris T-T)
9. Throwing Nightmares
10. The Return Of The Red-Eyed Raver
11. Send Out The Search Party(feat. Oxygen Thief)
12. Within Frozen Time

Info about the release

The second ATP album which was released in April 2012. The album features Chris T-T, Oxygen Thief, Piers Blewett as guest vocalists. The album spawned 5 singles and was well received by critics.