Poland Awaits

I was away some of this week in Oxfordshire, staying in a rather posh county manor. All very nice and it gave me time to work on some tracks. On the train back from Oxford to Brighton via Reading and Gatwick I finished what I refer to as the 1st Draft of my new EP.

I have already got a title and a front cover for the EP and just need to tidy up the tracks and get it mixed, mastered, produced etc etc etc – all this takes time. So I imagine the EP will be ‘out’ on CD and iTunes next April/May time.

Its going to have 5/6 tracks including ‘mocha to go’, ‘michael jacksons last waltz’, ‘the latin word for amusement’, ‘the kids today’, ‘the darker side of’ and ‘urban garden’. I already prefer it to my debut album, probably because its fresh and new and shorter – in retrospect maybe the debut should have been a bit shorter but hey-ho, you can’t change the past … onwards to the future.

Which in my case means DJing tomorrow night in Warsaw! I will report on my findings next week. Bring on the Zubrowka!

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