It’s amazing what you can get done on the train

Welcome to one of the final ATP blog updates for 2009. Last week I was working around the UK and whilst traveling on the Virgin pendalino train I managed to finish off the 6 tracks for the next EP.

I have been listening back to the new EP a fair bit over the weekend, in cars, on headphones, on phone speakers and I must say I am rather liking it. It’s not a massive departure from the debut album, but it is a lot, lot better. I think it is a bit more ‘punchy’ and raw. When I made the debut I spent hours and hours and hours listening to the album, tweaking tracks and in the end I think I was so bored by it before it was even released. With the new one very few people have heard it so far and I plan on keeping it that way until it’s released.

So, when will that be? – I plan to mix and master it in Jan 2010. Then I hope to get the CDs pressed in Feb / March – promo done in April and I am expecting the birth of this one to be in May/June … So half a year away yet. I am sure that one I get some of the CDs back I will be allowed to start selling them though.

Next week I am off to France to go skiing, no doubt I will be listening to the new EP on the slopes to see how it works ;o)

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