Today is not a good day. I am having a bad day. Its Tuesday 13th July 2010.

Six weeks ago I ordered a sampler and synth from Dolphin Music using the Arts Council funded Take it away scheme. Today I got confirmation that I have to wait another six weeks until I get the synth.

I ordered the latest Roland SH-01 GAIA synth and annoyingly my local shop GAK have them in stock, so I wanted to cancel my order with Dolphin. But because I am ordering it as part of the Take it away scheme I cannot cancel the order.

So I now have to wait and it will be 3 months from when I first ordered the item that I’ll get it. It could even be longer.

Its really pissed me off as I wanted to crack on with ATP:LIVE during August after my operation (more on that another day).

I spent half hour on the phone to Dolphin trying to resolve it but there is nothing ‘they’ can do. If I am totally honest I am sure there is. So I wrote a letter to all concerned and hope that they look at the situation and either release me from the contract or find another way of sourcing the GAIA. Even if it is at their expense.

On the plus side – my ‘Catch the pigeon’ DVD arrived today which I hope to use as part of the live show…Knowing my luck at the moment the disc will be broken.

Anyway – going to 2000 Trees this weekend – can’t wait!

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