Observations of Etiquette

Last night I played my 3rd gig as Amongst The Pigeons. Now that the initial fear has passed I am really starting to get into playing ATP live. I feel more confident to play around with the songs and experiment with effects and noises. It has also promoted me to make some new material as I am already bored with parts of the show and want a few new ‘dance’ hits to carry the weight.

I was on first last night and was followed by a band called ‘Over The Wall‘ who were brilliant. Its very rare that I see bands I like anymore, but these two guys had some great songs and you could tell they loved playing. Go check them out!

The headline band were called Teeth, and my views on them are probably less positive. The band turned up about 9.15pm, having missed any sound check earlier on in the night. They then preceded to take 30 minutes to set up on stage. All they actually did was build a 4 piece drum kit and plugged a phono-out lead into a MacBook. It was all rather bizarre.

In my opinion bands should respect gigs and everything that comes with them, the traveling, the set up, the sound check, the timings. If you can’t be bothered to respect the promoter and the people who come to see you play – why the hell should the respect you?

Anyway …

I have a brief gap now before the next ATP:LIVE which will be on Saturday 13th November in Brighton @ 4.30pm!. For all the lovely details >>> Click here!

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