Last gig of the year – done

Last night I played my last gig of the year supporting Small Back at Jam, it was a good night and some great other bands were on the bill.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has come to see me play live during 2010, its been a great experience taking ATP into the venues and playing live. I got to support Seefeel, Teeth, Men and Small Black – not bad for the first few months of gigging.

I have big plans for expanding these live shows in the future – next year I want to integrate some new material to keep the shows fresh and to be able to chop and change set lists more. I also want to get to more cities across UK, the main places I want to play are Bristol, Manchester and London – so if you know any good promoters there tell them about me.

Beyond that I really want to form a live band for ATP:LIVE with additional people on Drums, bass, keys and suchlike. That probably wont happen until 2012 – but if you know someone who would like to join the ATP fold let me know.

Anyway … again thanks to all who braved the elements to see me this year and see you all on the Road in 2011.

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