Post-Bliss Come-Down

Wow – last week was amazing.  It all kicked off on Monday with the release of ‘Jaffa Clown Dog’ which you can still download for free from Band Camp.

Then on Tuesday I did a set at The Pav Tav in Brighton with the excellent Tanka & BitBin – great chaps and you should check out their sounds.  Sadly the Pav Tav PA was not really up to scratch and the speakers died during my set.

Move on to Thursday and I played at the amazing Blissfields festival.  I kicked things off in the Hidden Hedge at 8pm.  It was early, it was still light but I had a great time and managed to get some of the early evening ravers to dance madly.

I stayed for the whole weekend and got to see some excellent acts over the festival.  Really enjoyed a lot of new music and meeting a whole host of random people.

I recorded both sets on video and will be editing together some of the footage over the next few days and getting that up online for everyone to view. 

I was updating my ‘past gigs’ page on my site earlier and it occurred to me that I have only done 16 Live gigs as ATP … Not bad considering some of them have included The Great Escape, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Blissfields and some excellent support slots.

If you are reading this and book bands for shows (or know people that do) – please do get in touch as I am looking to book more gigs from September onwards!

The other thing I wanted to let you all know about is a remix I did last week. In between everything else going on I made a remix for Decadnids.  This is actually something that came about via Twitter.

The remix I did is available via Pathmusick as a free download.  The label has a whole host of excellent tunes on the site and I thoroughly recommend you having a listen.

So that was last week.  This week I will be editing together footage from the gigs and continuing to work on the next ATP EP – I already have a title and 4 nearly finished tracks … It will most likely be a 6-7 track release.

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