1. The Great Dying – Autumna Antinatilist Remix

2. Before The Storm Hits – Eszen Decimation Mix

3. After The Storm – Decadnids Remix

4. Can You Manage? Do You Understand? – Avant Gardener Remix

05. Holding My Breath – Oceanographer Remix

06. Colour Blind – Jonny Fallout Remix

07. N.V.O.D – Engine Of Growth Remix

08. Bring The Stars Closer – Odd Wall Remix  

09. You The People – The MAW Experiment Remix

10. Beats & Slippers – Stefan Goodchild Remix

11. Spread Hope – Sad Man Remix

12. You’re On Mute – Looping Star Remix

13. ColourBlind [Demo] 

14. After the storm [Megan’s Version]

15. NVOD [Richard’s Version]

16. Spread Hope [The Sad Song Co. Version]

Info about the release

A remixed version of Silence Will Be Assumed as Acceptance – all the money made from this release goes to My black Dog the mental health charity.

Available download via Bandcamp.

Released 20 August 2021