This page lists all the songs that have been released by Amongst The Pigeons.

A Daring Escape
After The Storm
An Afternoon In The Gardens
And Then We Dance Again
At Any Opportunity
Beats & Slippers
Beautiful Negative Space
Bedtime Rituals
Before I Die
Before The Storm Hits
Bird Flew
Bring The Stars Closer
Campervan Sex
Can You Manage? Do You Understand?
Colour Blind
Coming Up
Dark Forest
Deep Housey
Dig Digger
Doing the Pigeon
Don’t Mistake Me For A Ninja
Fight or Flight
For God’s Sake Help Me!
Friday Night Begins
Grouse Hunting
Happy Beginnings
Holding My Breath
Hold Tight: Brighton
If I close my eyes, I am worried I will fall asleep and not wake up again
If You Unwrap The Wrapper You Leave Me Exposed
Inflight Enterainment
Jaffa Clown Dog
La la la la la Song
Larkin About
Lessons By Numbers
Love Pigeons
Michael Jackson’s Last Waltz
Mocha To Go
Music to brush your teeth to
On A Train (In Holland)
Optimistic Desire
Pavlovs Pigeon
Polly Bee Gone
Sanity? Check!
Send Out The Search Party
Smokey Joe
Spread Hope
Summers Over
Tangled Headphones
The 25th Hour
The Camden Shuffle
The Darker Side Of …
The Great Dying
The Hell That Is Going On
The Inherent Racism Of Doves
The Kids Of Today
The Latin Word For Amusement
The Man Who Smiles When Things Go Wrong
The Old Bill Move Fast
The Plot Thickens
The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt1)
The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt2)
The Return Of The Red-Eyed Raver
The Science Of Deduction
The Trial & The Beats
Then The Bell Rings
Thinking Is Addictive
Throwing Nightmares
Throwing Nightmares (no more room mix)
Today, we all grew a little bit wiser
To Victoria – With Love
Trouble On The Deathstar
Troublesome #3
Urban Garden [pest control mix]
Version One
Waiting In The Rain
Water Into Whisky
We Really Are Very Sorry But We Are Closed
Wings Wings Beat
Within Frozen Time
You’re On Mute
You The People