Press Release: Amongst The Pigeons. WHY DOES IT MATTER IF WE HEAR EACH OTHER (EP)

Artist: Amongst The Pigeons

EP title: Why does it matter if we hear each other

Genre: Electronica, Spoken Word
Tracks: 5
Label: Peace & Feathers

Release date: 29 July 2022
Target date: July/August 2022

For Fans Of: Bicep, Kelly Lee Owens, Hannah Peel, Daniel Avery, Kae Tempest, The Streets


Electronic Producer/ Performer ‘Amongst The Pigeons’ is back with a new five track EP.

It is the first new material since the May 2021 album ‘Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance’. Much like that album, Amongst The Pigeons has again worked with a series of guest vocalists on this latest release. This EP however focuses more on spoken word and poetry layered over synths and beats.

The EP title ‘Why Does It Matter If We Hear Each Other’ was a phrase uttered by Daniels wife during one of her night terrors. At the time Daniel thought ‘that would make a great title’ so he wrote it down on a piece of paper.

The songs on the EP feature Alice Hale (With Sun), Helen Meissner (Helefonix), Garry Illingworth (Dirt Lane Cocktail Party) and Helen Whale (from Lines of Flight).

The EP is released on 29 July 2022 via Peace & Feathers. The Monsters Are Hiding In Plain Sight (feat. With Sun) is released as a single on 15 July 2022.


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Daniel Parsons
tel. 07867 546995