Press Release: Amongst The Pigeons. Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance

Artist: Amongst The Pigeons
Album title: Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance
Label: Peace & Feathers
Pre-orders: 2 April 2021
Release date: 7 May 2021
Genre: Electronica
12 tracks / 37 minutes 18 seconds
For Fans Of: 
Hot Chip, Gorillaz, Bicep, Orbital, Rival Consoles.


Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance is the fourth album from electronica artist Amongst The Pigeons (Sussex based producer Daniel Parsons). The album homes in on the unique, psychedelic, wonky sounding electronica that Amongst The Pigeons has been praised for across previous releases. 

For this album, Amongst The Pigeons worked with a multitude of guest vocalists to bring the tracks to life.  Artists such as Fast Trains, Megan Linford, Tiger Mendoza, Emma King, The Sad Song Co. and more, provided vocals making this the most collaborative ATP record to date. The album was recorded in Parsons’ very own ‘Shedio’ between Summer 2019 and Winter 2020.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of guest artists recorded their vocals in their own homes before sending them over. 

The album title came from an email where the phrase was used to ensure recipients fed back where a decision was needed.  As the recording of the album progressed and the landscape of the world changed, the title started to take on a deeper meaning.  Whilst this is not a concept album, there is a definite arc and theme to the songs and album as a whole.  Movements such as Extinction Rebellion, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and the continued conversations around Diversity & Equality have highlighted that it is no longer enough to sit back without speaking out against the wrongs of the world and this album focuses on that topic.

“Fight - Protect - Survive - Rebel” 

The album opens with The Great Dying, a reworked version of a track originally released in 2019.  It was inspired by the Extinction Rebellion protests and sets the tone for what follows. 

The following two tracks feature a double-bill of Portsmouth’s best up and coming acts; Fast Trains (Tom Wells) and Megan Linford who respectively provide the vocals for Before The Storm Hits and After The Storm.  Before The Storm Hits was released as a single in October 2020 and was written during the first UK COVID-19 lockdown, the lyrics of ‘once busy streets make no sound’ describe what was happening during that time. 

The theme of both speaking out and Covid is apparent in Can You Manage? Do You Understand?  The title was inspired by Dr. Li Wenliang, one of the first doctors in Wuhan to warn the Chinese government about the impending coronavirus pandemic.  He was issued a gagging order from the authorities before dying from the virus himself.  The phrase ‘can you manage? do you understand?’ became a slogan for freedom of speech on social media. 

Holding my breath is a next and features Oxford’s Tiger Mendoza and Brighton’s Chairs Cooper. Both acts recorded very different offerings which got merged together to become the finished song. 

The ‘A side’ closes with Colour blind, a collaboration with another Brighton singer, Ollie Barron.This particular track was built around a melody played on a Toy accordion and at 1.45 is the shortest track on the album.   

“Come and expand your mind - Let forever be” 

The ‘B side’ starts with N.V.O.D.  The track launches a direct attack on the Tory Government, calling them all ‘natural vectors of disease’ for their disdain towards the creative industries.  The title was inspired by Boris Johnson’s summer 2020 comments about cricket balls being natural vectors of disease. 

The album changes pace for a brief moment of calm.  Country Rock singer Emma King provides vocals on Bring The Stars Closer, a song that would not sound out of place in an Ibiza pool front bar. 

The final section of the album kicks off with You The People which samples the Charlie Chaplin speech from the 1941 film The Dictator.  Despite the film being released 60 years ago, the words seem more relevant now than ever before. 

Beats & Slippers features Worthing vocalist Hannah Katy Lewis from the band Across The Sea.  Hannah recorded over 30 layered vocals for parts of the song. 

The penultimate track is Spread Hope, a song that features another Oxford based artist in the form of Nigel Powell under his guise of ‘The Sad Song Co.’   

The album closes with You’re On Mute.  The title is a lighthearted reference to one of the most used phrases of 2020 and also acts as a reminder that silence is assumed as acceptance.  

The album is released on Peace & Feathers on 7 May 2021 with pre-orders for physical and digital releases starting on 2 April 2021.


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