Press Release: Before The Storm Hits (single)

Artist : Amongst The Pigeons

Title : Before The Storm Hits

Length : 3:13

Release date : 2 October 2020

Label : Peace & Feathers




‘Before the storm hits’ is the latest single by electronic producer Amongst The Pigeons (Daniel Parsons).   This track is a collaboration with Portsmouth based Fast Trains (Tom Wells) who provides guest vocals.

The result is a well-balanced blend of electronica which doesn’t sound dissimilar to acts such as Hot Chip and Metronomy.

After listening you could be mistaken for thinking it is a song about the corona virus lockdown but the lyrics were actually written in early 2020,  way before hoarding toilet roll became a thing.  However, the lyrics and mood of the song seem more apt now than when the song was created.

The track will feature on the forth ATP album, set for release later this year.   The album is being described as a statement about the world around us and will feature more collaborations with guest vocalists.

Both Amongst The Pigeons and Fast Trains were due to play at the Dials Festival in Portsmouth on 3 October 2020.  Sadly like most events this year, the festival has been cancelled.

Dials Festival is an incredible one day event which raises awareness of mental health and wellbeing and raises money for Solent Mind who provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. 

The song is being released to coincide with when Dials would have been taking place in order to continue to give the Festival and Solent Mind exposure.

The single is released on all digital platforms on 2 October 2020 via Peace and Feathers.


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