Press Release: Begging Your Pardon

Begging Your Pardon Cover

Amongst The Pigeons

Album title:
Begging your pardon
(an introductory collection)
Release date:
15 March 2019
Number of tracks:
Run time:
58 minutes
Marowak Records

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“Amongst the Pigeons is a place inhabited by soaring loops and the beating of electronic wings. Be sure to expect creative beats, addictive melodies and a whole host of twisted ideas”

For fans of

Underworld, Orbital, Mr Scruff, Lemon Jelly, DJ Yoda, Coldcut, SBTRKT, Nightmares on Wax, Jon Hopkins.


“I’ve no idea how to describe this, but I really like it” – Steve Lamacq. 6 Music
“Short, sweet and a tad jazzy” – Rob Da Bank. Bestival


Electronic musician/producer Amongst The Pigeons (Daniel Parsons) released over 70 tracks in a ten-year period between 2004 and 2014 before calling it a day.  However, in 2019, they are back and releasing a series of brand new EPs.  Before that happens they wanted to take stock of the music released to date and create an ‘introductory collection’ highlighting some of the best tracks released so far.

Begging Your Pardon (an introductory collection) features 18 handpicked tracks to work as a standalone album and highlight the extremities of the ATP sound.  On this record, there is at least one track from each of the albums and EPs released so far, and every track has been subtly tweaked, remixed and remastered to bring them up to date as a cohesive collection.  Also featured is one brand new track, ‘Polly Bee Gone’, which will also make an appearance on the first of the new EPs later in the year.

The album kicks off with ‘Coming Up’ an updated version of the opening track on the debut ATP album featuring the voice of Rob Da Bank from 2004 when ATP got their first Radio airplay.  It then moves into some of the more mellow tracks for the next few songs before upping tempo on ‘Waiting in the Rain’ which Steve Lamacq played on 6 Music and said ‘I have no idea how to describe that but I like it’. 

The next eight tracks are all some of the more bassy and beat heavy numbers including the new track which sits happily alongside some of the older tunes.  A few of them were previously singles (‘Boing’, ‘Jaffa Clown Dog’) but a lot are lesser-known tunes.

The final five tracks feature some of the key collaborations from the ATP back catalogue.  Including songs with Frank Turner, Chris T-T, Ben Marwood and Piers Blewett from the folk band tiNhearT.

At the end of this Press Release, you will find a quick one-liner for each of the songs


Edited from full Electronic Press Release – available here

Since 2004, Brighton based electro-dance producer Amongst The Pigeons (Daniel Parsons) has been defining a sound that only they fit into. Never ones to follow the latest musical trend they have stuck to crafting their own blend of ‘post-party-mash-up’ which won praise and accolade through the release of 2 full-length albums, 8 EPs and various one-off singles.

The ATP sound was once described as ‘a dark Mr. Scruff’ and full of ‘relentless imagination’ – taking influence from sci-fi soundtracks and artists such as Orbital and Underworld.

On record, when needed, ATP enlisted guest vocalists, including the likes of Frank Turner, Beans on Toast, Ben Marwood, Oxygen Thief, and Chris T-T along with a whole host of up and coming artists.

The last ATP release was in 2014 and at the time Daniel though that would be the end for ATP but he’s back with brand new music being released in 2019, preceded by an ‘introductory’ collection.

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Audio and video embeds

18 track album. Stream on Soundcloud

Lead single. Stream on Soundcloud

For more information please contact Daniel Parsons:
07867 546995

A little bit about the songs

01 Coming Up
This is a reworked version of the opening track to the debut album and features Rob Da Bank doing an introduction

02 Mocha to go
Recorded while sat on the floor at Belfast Airport waiting for a delayed flight home

03 Troublesome #3
Was made in a single day during recovery from a back operation

04 The Red Lights That Guide You Home (Pt. 1)
The title related to wanting to get home and being stuck in a traffic jam with a sea of red lights ahead

05 Waiting in the rain
Described by Steve Lamacq as ‘the electronic cooing of pigeons’

06 A daring escape
Was made while stuck on a train which got stuck in the snow in for 8 hours.

07 Throwing nightmares – no more room mix
The original of this song is on the second album – this one features a few extra zombie related samples

08 The Latin word for amusement
There isn’t one!

09 Boing
The shortest ATP single released. The video features a wind-up pigeon going round Brighton pier

10 Jaffa Clown Dog
Scary Orange Dogs.  A title that came from a late night conversation about people’s fears

11 Polly Bee Gone
The new track – will also be on the ‘those stolen moments ep’ later in 2019

12 The return of the red-eyed raver
Title inspired by something that DJ Eddy Temple Morris said about ATP

13 Bedtime rituals
A nice way to end the day.

14 The Inherent Racism of Doves
Probably the best known ATP single. Featuring Piers Blewett on vocals.

15 Empties
Features Chris T-T and was made in just a few hours in the ‘Shedio’

16 Larkin About
Features Frank Turner and was recorded in a pub bedroom before one of his gigs. The lyrics are by Phillip Larkin

17 Then The Bell Rings
Features folk musician Ben Marwood and was recorded by swapping tracks over email.

18 If I close my eyes I am worried I will fall asleep and not wake up again
Another one with Piers Blewett. The longest ATP song title and previous the last ever ATP song released.