It’s all just a little bit of history repeating

The Full History

The first Amongst The Pigeons EP was released in 2005.  Aided by one of the tracks being played by Rob Da Bank on his Radio One experimental show, the limited run of CDs sold out instantly.

The debut album was recorded during 2006-2008.  Largely made in hotel rooms and on trains the album was an eclectic mix of field recordings, archive samples and one or two guest vocalists including the then unknown Frank Turner and Beans on Toast.

Music to brush your teeth to
Music to brush your teeth to

‘Music to brush your teeth to’ was released in the summer of 2009 and received glowing reviews for its quirky approach and playful themes.

“Amongst The Pigeons has made a rather lovely album, maintaining a distinctly unlo-fi feel to his dreamy electro-house. It really is the sound of a radiant summer.” 

Dannii Leivers – The Fly Magazine

A year later and in 2010 two further EPs were released.  

The first of these was ‘Repeat to fade’ which was described as ‘brilliantly interesting’ and ‘a more sturdy’ collection of songs.  A similar approach was taken with the use of field recordings including a track which was recorded at Belfast airport during a six hour flight delay.

The EP also won an award for The Best Artwork at the 2010 Brighton Music Awards.

“The influences in the music are very obvious, weird break beats like Aphex Twin, deep house moments like Orbital and spoken word and synth pads like Art of Noise. But it doesn’t sound like any of those artists, it sounds very unique.” 

James Borland – Tasty Fanzine

In the summer of 2010 a second EP was made following a back operation which resulted in 6 weeks of ‘bed rest’. During one of these weeks a ‘back to basics’ series of songs were created. 

The idea was to see what could be created within a single day and then release the outputs at the end of the week. This took the form of the ‘Flat On Me Back’ EP which was given away as a free download.

The Autumn of 2010 saw another exciting milestone in the ATP journey with the introduction of live shows.  Before the end of the year, support slots took place for SeeFeel, Teeth, MEN and Small Black alongside a high profile slot at the Brighton Live Music Festival.

In 2011, ATP was building on the success of the live shows and during the summer played at The Great Escape, Secret Garden Party and The Glastonbury Festival along with support slots for acts such as GrassCut and Dodgy.

It was also a busy year for new songs with the second full length album being recorded in Amongst The Pigeons very own ‘shedio’ in Lancing, West Sussex.

Amongst The Pigeons - Get Amongst It
Get Amongst It

That second album was called ‘Get Amongst It’ and was released in 2012.  Prior to the album coming out the lead single ‘The Inherent Racism of Doves’ was picked up by numerous bloggers and radio stations and gained repeat airplay on 6 Music, XFM and a whole host of other stations across UK.

The video for ‘Doves’ is a great example of how Amongst The Pigeons works on a shoe string budget.  It was filmed during a lunchbreak with nothing more than a mobile phone and a pigeon mask but it was highly effective.

The Inherent Racism of Doves Video

The album again received glowing reviews and helped secured more festivals and live slots across the country.  The year was then rounded off with the release of a new EP which contained B-sides, new tracks, remixes and live versions.

An album that bends and melds genres to its own will with such ease and creates a milltion pictures in your head.

Room 13

Without waiting around, 2013 saw the release of a new four track EP called ‘Ornithophobia’.  This was quickly followed by a standalone single called ‘Boing’ and later in the year there was a collaboration with Ben Marwood called ‘Then The Bell Rings’.

It was a slow year for live shows with only five taking place including, what was at the time, the last ATP Live show for quite sometime.

In early 2014 another EP was released, this time as a limited edition coloured cassette tape.  The ‘Cocktail Party Syndrome’ EP had 5 new tracks.  The lead tune ‘Waiting In The Rain’ was picked up by Steve Lamacq and played on his 6 music show.

Amongst The Pigeons Cocktail Party Syndrome

Things were continuing to progress well but as 2014 moved on Daniel decided that it was time to call it quits as Amongst The Pigeons.  He had achieved a lot but did not feel there was anything else to give and at the end of the year released the final (at the time) single ‘If I close my eyes I am worried I will fall asleep and not wake up again’.

The song was played on numerous radio stations and was released along with five other new songs which cleared the decks of everything that had been made to that point and so ended ATP …. 

Between 2015 and 2018 Daniel started working on new songs with Ollie Barron and under the guise of ‘Exactly Zero’, the duo recorded a 10 track album called Defiance and played a series of festivals during the summer of 2018.

You can hear that album here.

Defiance – album cover

During the Autumn of 2018 Daniel and Ollie put ‘Exactly Zero’ on hold whilst Ollie went on ‘paternity leave’ to have his first child.  Wanting to carry on making music Daniel started making some new demos and before he knew it he had three brand new Amongst The Pigeons tunes.  The seeds of a return were in place.

In March 2019 Daniel officially relaunched Amongst The Pigeons and put out an 18 track ‘introductory’ album called ‘Begging Your Pardon’.  This collection featured 17 old songs which were all newly mixed and mastered along with one of the brand new tracks.

During the first half of 2019 work was underway to make a totally new ATP Live set and finish off the new album.  One of the things that Daniel was keen to do was find a way of playing shows in random places, basically like being a busker.  After a few trials on the South Downs the ATP ‘eco-electro’ show was born.  Using a USB power bank to power synths, sampler, lights and speakers it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Playing Live – 2019

Then in June 2019 the first Amongst The Pigeons live sets in over six years took place at the Glastonbury Festival.  Over the weekend a mix of planned and guerrilla shows took place across the site including a late night slot at The Open Arms.

These were followed up in July with support slots in Brighton and London for Moon Hooch.  In September another live show took place at the Hove Lagoon fest where Amongst The Pigeons opened the show ahead of FatBoy Slim.

The third full length album ‘Those Stolen Moments’ was finally released in November 2019.  It was a collection of nine songs that were all made in small pockets of time and was very much a ‘pure electronica’ album.  It was a welcome return to releasing music and got some lovely reviews describing it as ‘a record of continually-evolving electronic juxtapositions and thought-provoking contemplations’.

Those Stolen Moments

2019 ended with a show at Hove Lagoon in support of The Big Sleep Out campaign and a whole raft of shows planned for the summer of 2020.

The start of 2020 saw another single released from ‘Those Stolen Moments’ which was again played by Tom Robinson on his ‘Introducing’ mix show.

Then a little thing called COVID-19 hit the world and everything changed.

Due to cancelled shows and Festival slots the main focus became working on the fourth album.  

In June 2020 a new single called ‘Can You Manage? Do You Understand?’ was released.  The title was inspired by Dr Li Wenliang who was one of the first doctors to try and alert the Chinese Government about the pandemic.  

Months went by and a second new single was released in October. ‘Before The Storm Hits’ featured Fast Trains on vocals and was all about the fallout of a country in lockdown.

There were also a couple of virtual festival appearances including one that was filmed in the ATP Motorhome.


The rest of 2020 was spent finishing work on the new album and in May 2021 ‘Silence Will Be Assumed As Acceptance’ was released.  With twelve tracks, nine guest vocalists and a very important message running throughout the album it was released to a number of positive reviews including a write up in Electronic Sound magazine.

The album was released as a digipack CD and also a limited edition mug which featured the excellent artwork by Ella Manongdo.


In August 2021 A remixed version of the album was released. It was called ‘Break the silence’ and all the money raised was donated to My Black Dog – the mental health charity.

Then later in 2021 a new Single called ‘And then we dance again’ was released on 7″ vinyl.

So what next for Amongst The Pigeons?

2022 has seen ATP working on numerous remixes for other artists with a new EP out in July 2022.

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