(Re)Mixing It Up

By now I am sure you know that I make music. I put it under the general heading of dance music but I dont know if that is a fair description.

I also do remixes for other musicians. So far I have made two. Over time I want to make more as I really enjoy brakeing down all the parts and then putting them back together in an ATP style. It’s like creating some kind of DNA monster. Adding bits, taking bits away, changing parts and generally trying to take the work of someone else and adding my style to it.

The first remix I did was for a band called Miss Pain, they are a Brighton band and I made a remix for one of their songs called ‘Kiss, Cuddle, Torture.

Then last week I remixed a track called ‘Negative Thinking’ by a band called Largo.

I have also been asked to do remixes for some other local bands and will be working on these soon. In order to let people hear my remixes I have set up a myspace page with my ATPRMXs on. The link is at the bottom of this post.

The nice thing about doing these remixes is that it allows me to take a break from working on my own tracks. I can do something slightly different, yet similar at the same time.

Eventually I plan on releaseing these remixes as part of an EP or if I have enough maybe a full album. There is also a numbering system to the remixes I make. The first one was called ATPRMX001, the second one ATPRMX002. You get the idea. I like to keep things organised.

I will add blog posts as time goes on to let you know when new remixes appear. But for now check out the two currently online and if you are a band after a remix please do get in touch.


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