Demo Review – Rock Migets

I have been sending out a few of my demos to try and get some reviews in order to use them on my press release. Today whilst hunting the net I found my first proper review.

Now I must point out that this review is from a site called ‘Rock Midgets’ which mainly deals in only rock music. Ruth (the lady that runs the site) warned me of this before I sent the demo but I said I would like to see what the reviewers think anyway.

I have posted the review below.

I think its a fair review but still positive. The CD was listened to and reviewed by someone who likes Rock music and is not so keen on dance.

I will be sending out more demos over the next few months and hope to get one into MixMag via a contact I have made.

Its not often you’ll find something championed by Radio 1’s Rob Da Bank on these pages, but then music full of these kinds of blips, beats and breaks rarely involve guest appearances and samples from Frank Turner, Beans On Toast or Massive Attack vocalist Debbie Clare. The results of investigating this four track demo are positive; whilst this will not convert the many opposed to button-pushing music as opposed to acts using ‘real’ instrumentation, the home-made-sounding beats are appealing. Relaxed to the level of chill-out, the layers, skittering beats and radio-transmission samples of excellently titled ‘Trouble On The Deathstar’ will raise smiles though not the heart rate. The distant sounds of brass add interest to ‘Wings Wings Beat’. But it’s the odd beats of and haunting singing of Frank Turner that makes ‘Larkin About’ the highlight. This doesn’t rock, but there’s something engaging about these ever so slightly blissful tracks that make Amongst The Pigeons well worth keeping an eye on.

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