the 7TH CARBON LOGIC WINNER has been announced !

Guest judge Jonny Goodwillie (Catskills Records) has been stalling, giving us the run around, ignoring our calls and avoiding us at all costs.

In his own words “All of the top 10 were of an amazingly high standard, I truly feel any of them are deserving of a deal in some form or another, I only wish we could have had 10 winners.”

Finally we caught Jonny and painfully extracted his ONE chosen WINNER – ME!

This is what he said about it all:

“To be honest I was gutted to find out just a few days ago that the ATP guys were from Brighton. As soon as I first heard the track I was sure it would be a potential winner, the combination of the electronic production against Frank Turner’s vocal was just amazing and I listened to it 4 times back to back. After spending a few days agonising over whether it would be seen as nepotism to vote my winner from my home town, I realised that it mattered not, it’s about the music and this is simply my favourite track, and also I see that I can offer ATP a lot of help with the release of their debut album.”

So what do I win? The competition prize is two packages worth over £600.00 of professional consultation from The Independent Label Scheme on how to jumpstart my career.

7th Carbon Logic Competition Prize from The Independent Label Scheme;

1. Legal and Business Affairs package:

It’s run by Dean Marsh & Co and is aimed at those setting up a new business, whether you are a budding Alan McGee, a new artist, or a manager throwing the dice. We can help you set it up simply and cheaply. We have an initial consultation either face to face or on the phone. We answer any initial questions and provide relevant advice. We show you how to set up a limited company (that involves a fee to a company formation agent of about £100 unless you go the whole hog and do it yourself on the companies house web site). We can supply the necessary agreements (recording agreements, publishing agreements, producer agreements, remixer agreements, band membership agreements, website T&Cs and investment agreements. etc). The package covers up to 2 agreements, beyond that there is an additional fee.

If you are an artist then we advocate that you enter into an agreement assigning the copyright in your recordings and your songs to your new company. This will enable you to use this as your service vehicle retaining ownership of copyright and instead granting licences for fixed periods of time. It can also offer up an investment opportunity in your music. We have developed a new business model to allow you to seek investment in your music by offering a share of the net profits to fans, brand, friends and family in return for a share of the of the profits.

2. Jumpstart package:

ILS will listen to your music then make an appointment for you to see him or call him and discuss everything relating to your planned release. ILS can offer advise on releasing the right songs, guidance on who you will need to work with to make the most of your opportunities, explain how to manufacture your album, offer advice on making sure that your online presence is strong, offer a general description on the different aspects of the music industry and generally making sure you are in shape for the imminent release of your music. ILS is independent of any other company, the advice you receive will be unbiased. After this initial phone call or meeting ILS will draw up a report with their recommendations and guidelines of what you will need to do next including, but not limited to the following…

• A basic A&R report on how strong we feel your music is and what’s the best way to proceed
• A guide on how to register your music with the Royalty Societies
• A simple profit and loss spreadsheet so you can understand exactly how much it costs to release your single or album and the expected return
• How to go about getting your record or CD manufactured and potential discounts
• Offer across the board advice on how best to market your release with your budget in mind
• Explain the different ways of plugging your music< • Provide information of different ways of distributing your music • Information on the different digital options to sell your music • How to strategise the release of you record plus timelines to illustrate the different aspects of release in the lead up to the release date
So All in All thats pretty amazing! and I am one happy Cat. 

2009 really could be the year of the pigeons!

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