The Trial & The Beats

About this time last year I was serving Jury Duty at Brighton Courts. Whilst doing Jury Duty you tend to spend a lot of time sitting around waiting to either go into court or be put on a case.

I spent my time working on some new tracks. There was one track I was working on at the time and I sent Mrs Pigeons a txt to say it was going well. She wrote back saying ‘I hope you enjoy the trial and the beats’, well, there is a title for a song if ever I heard it.

The track was good but lacked something….

When I was a young boy I was given a VHS video by my parents, it was a cartoon called ‘Hugo The Hippo’. Hugo was made in 1975 and has become a cult film amongst its many fans. During the time I grew up I must have watch the film over 100 times and pretty much know the whole thing word for word.

I am not going to go into the whole story of the film here but at the end of the film Hugo gets arrested and put on trial.


The thing that my song lacked was vocals and I thought why not use samples from the trial in Hugo on my song. I re-watched Hugo again and took the sample clips from the film and placed them into my song. It sounded great.

Since finishing the song last year I have managed to get in contact with the director of Hugo the Hippo and sent him a copy of my track and some of the other songs. He is now an ATP fan.

He is called Bill Feigenbaum and he now spends his time painting – This is his website!

Better still if you email him he will personally send you a DVD copy of Hugo The Hippo.


Then this week I finished the last part of the plan. To make a video for The Trial and The Beats using clips from the actual film. And that my friends is what is embedded at the top of this post!

I can not express how much Hugo The Hippo means to me. I love it and think everyone should watch it at least once in their lives. In a small way this is my homage to Hugo and all the people that made it.

I hope you enjoy the track and the video – the song will be on my debut album which is now finished and has been cut down to 16 tracks…more on that soon!

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