Love Pigeons – first Radio Play

On Sunday night (15th Feb) my track ‘Love Pigeons’ is getting its first public airing.

In Wolverhampton there is a radio station called WCRfm which can be found on 101.8fm or online at
On this Radio station there is a DJ called Katy Jay.  And it is her who will be playing the song. So tune in on Sunday night to hear it. Her show starts at 10pm and I’ll be on in the first hour.
The song features my good friend Oliver Barron on vocals.  He recorded them on a mobile phone whilst traveling around SE Asia. He emailed them to me to work on here in Brighton.
In the summer I may well be releasing Love Pigeons as a single.  I may not.
But I will be making a video for the song.  Earlier this evening I did a quick casting and found these two actors to be in it:
The full video will be much better – I promise!

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