Release Dates

This week Music to Brush you Teeth to has gone to the printers, well, the artwork has.
The Audio needs a final bit of tweaking but soon I will have some real CDs for you all to buy.

I can now confirm the actual release date for the album and it is …. 20.07.09!

The week before ‘Larkin About’ will be released as a download single – more on that in the next few weeks.

As you can probably guess it’s all go here at ATP HQ – we have found a great new PR company who are doing all the press around the album, they are called Talking Turkey PR.

Jiffy Bags have been purchased, mailing lists are being confirmed and in a few weeks time all the promo copies of the album (inc the single) will be sent out to radio stations, jurnos etc.

Then it is a case of sitting and waiting for July.. .. ..

I will be doing more updates about the single and the album soon so keep reading.

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