Hello Autumn : Falling Leaves

It’s been a strange few weeks. Summer seemed to make a brief return last weekend but has now gone to make way for the Autumn. Last night whilst walking home from work I could not fail to notice the leaves turning brown and falling from the trees. Next stop Winter.

Living and working in Brighton has also been strange over the last few days due to the Labour Conference taking place at The Brighton Center. The whole city is on police lock down and its just horrible. Yesterday I passed 36 police officers on a brief stroll to Argos and saw about a dozen riot vans and 2 undercover police cars racing round the city. I will be pleased and happy when the conference ends and Brighton can return to normal.

In terms of ATP stuff – well, I have been (slowly) working away on a new EP. I decided that the 2nd full length album is going to the themed and it will be amazing. As such I think it could take 2-5 years to finish it. I really want it to be perfect. My inspiration is Screamadelica by Primal Scream and The Haunted Dance Floor by Sabre’s of Paradise. The album will be called ‘Get Amongst It’ and is going to be based on an evening out. Starting with early evening-drinks with friends, through the journey into town, the night in the club (banging tunes) and then the come down at the end of it all.

So because this may take some time I am going to be releasing EPs for the foreseeable future. They will all have between 4-6 tracks and the first one of these has the working title of ‘Repeat till fade’. Three tracks finished so far – Mocha to go, Michael Jacksons Last Waltz and The Latin Word For Amusement.

I also started work last night on a very different sounding ATP track called ‘Hello Autumn : Falling Leaves’ …. and with that I wish you a good day x

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