Hello America

I was looking at my MySpace stats page the other day and it was rather interesting. Nearly half of the people who viewed my artist page were from the states (USA) which I found really interesting. Alongside that the listeners were mostly males aged 18-24.

How funny.

Anyway – things here in ATP world are currently revolving around trying to book some DJ gigs for the summer and putting together a time line for the new EP release. I am hoping to have it out in June – which is ages away – who knows there might even be another new EP made by then.

The other thing that I keep thinking about is how to make ATP work LIVE. Its not an easy one as I really want to avoid the whole ‘just laptop’ thing and do something a bit different – in my mind I kind of know how it will work but need £1000s to get the equipment 😦

Donations – most welcome ….

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