ATP News: New EP, New Site & Remix Album

i) As some of you may know, two weeks ago I had an operation on my back to remove a prolapsed disc. Following the operation I had to spend 98% of my time flat on my back, so I decided to use it wisely and make a new EP.

I decided early on to make this a free download EP. Only allowing myself one working day on each track, I’d start at 9am with a blank canvas and by 5.30pm I’d have a finished track.

I made a few tracks and selected 5′ish to form the ‘Flat On Me Back EP’, I am really happy with how its turned out and think there are a few gems on it, and possibly some of my best beats to date.

The EP can be downloaded from ATP BandCamp.


  1. Grouse Hunting
  2. The Science Of Deduction
  3. Before I Die
  4. For God’s Sake Help Me!
  5. Troublesome #3
  6. ???

ii) Alongside this new EP I also revisited the remixes I have made for people over the last few years, tidied them up and grouped them together as ATPRMXVOL001.

There are currently seven remixes, but the volume will eventually contain ten tracks. This album is now also available as a free download from BandCamp.

iii) But that’s not all – I also decided that the ATP website needed a bit of a tidy up so I have redesigned the site, it now features a twitter feed and more detailed information on my releases.

I hope you enjoy the new site, the new EP and the remix album.

Cat x

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