It’s been a while

It’s a bit of an odd time for me at the moment. I am in the middle of making ATPLP2 and on the surface it does not like there is much going on – but that’s very wrong.

I am about 67% of the way through the new album – I am hoping to have the 1st draft finished by the summer – I will then sit on it for a bit and revisit it a few months later to improve and rework the tracks. I am hoping to have the whole thing finished (mixed, mastered, etc) by the end of the year with a view of getting it released in 2012.

I am also working on making ATP:LIVE better and better – I did a secret show last week which was great fun. The new tracks sounded ace and it taught me that road testing the songs before putting out the record is a great plan.

I have a few festival dates lined up for the summer and will be looking for more and more – so please send my details to people if you know them.

If you want to listen to some of the ATPLP2 demos then go HERE!

I keep putting new ones up and down and round and round so keep an eye on there for new things.

I am going to be away most of this week and plan to work on the final 3 tracks which will make the album …. not sure how far I will get but I am starting to get excited and can see the end in sight. Well the end of the first lap anyway!

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