The Great Escape / Midday Ravers

So last Saturday I had the pleasure of playing at The Great Escape festival in Brighton.

I was on the open air ‘Hub’ stage which was by the library in Jubilee Square.

My set was at 3.30pm and playing before me were the very excellent ‘Dry the river’ who had totally woo’ed the crowd with their lovely songs.

I was unsure as to how the relaxed Brighton audience would take my music but I am pleased to say it all went very well.

I began my 45 min set with some new material and it was really fun watching everyone dance along.

I had a slight issue during the set in the sense that my equipment has flashing lights so you can see whats being played and sequence up the next loop etc – However in bright sun these lights are not visible to the human eye.

But I managed to get through and it was a success. This has led me to be even more excited about my upcoming festival sets at Burnbake and SGP.

You can view the photos of the day using the link below and if any of you have the time and desire I’d be very grateful if you contacted The Great Escape (on facebook, twitter etc) and tell them how much you enjoyed my set so they will have be back next year.

Bring on the summer! View the photos on FB

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