It has been quite a while since I did a blog update and for that I apologise.

I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks working on a number of things. I played a set at the Secret Garden Party and have been working non stop on ATPLP2.

The last week has seen me finish the first mix of the second draft of the album and I am really happy with it. There are 3 tracks that require some friends to add vocals to, but after that the record in terms of my involvement will be complete.

Following that I will be looking to get it Mastered – not sure where I will be doing this yet but I have decided to spend the money on getting that done rather than getting CDs produced.

I am still really unsure about how this record will get release, I might give it away for free, I might spend a few months trying to find a label to release it. I simply just don’t know.

I am however making plans for the life of the record and plan to release 3 double A-sided singles. So a total of 6 tracks from the album.

I have the artwork ready to go … It’s an odd situation to be in at present … more to follow.

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