GAI – Track by track (pt 2. – the B-Side)

OK – So last week I wrote about the opening 6 tracks on my new album ‘Get Amongst It’ and now this week I continue with the B-Side of that album.

GET AMONGST IT – Track by track
(pt.2 – the B-side)

7. Spoilers

Being a sci-fi fan I am well into the concept of Spoilers – I have an addiction to finding out what is going to happen in a film or TV series. Even though in many ways I would rather watch and be surprised.

The idea for this track came about whilst watching the latest series of Doctor Who in which the word ‘Spoilers’ was uttered a number of times by River Song.

I got a few people I know to shout ‘Spoilers’ which are all layered in the middle of the track.

8. Empties

This track features the very lovely Chris T-T .

Chris and I had talked about doing a track together ever since my first album came out – this track was one I had done the backing for a while back and kept tweaking it – always with a view of Chris singing on it.

The title is inspired by the Empties series of photos Chris takes – if you have not seen the site yet, please do go and take a look as its brilliant.

Chris came over to my house one Sunday morning last year and we recorded the vocals in Beat Shed Studio. Chris had a basic idea of the empties in this song being related to pub glasses and the lyrics all came about very quickly.

9. Throwing Nightmares

The working title of this track was ‘sci-fi theme tune #3’. The song is one of my favourite ATP tracks. Again the title came about from something someone else said and upon hearing it I knew it would suit this track.

This track went through a good 4-5 drafts before I was happy with it – Nearly all of ATPLP2 was finished over a year ago – I then spent the time constantly tweaking the tracks – re-recording them. Starting new ones.

The first ATP album all came about very quickly and I did not spend enough time reviewing it – on reflection I wish I had spent more time on it and made it more concise. That is what I did with the new one. My aim was to have an album in which every track could happily stand alone and the whole album worked from start to finish.

I was originally going to have vocals on Throwing Nightmares – but in the end I think the song works perfectly without them.

10. The Return Of The Red-Eyed Raver

Last summer (2011) I was kindly invited to play at The Secret Garden Party by Eddy TM from XFMs The Remix show. I sent a random tweet to Eddy saying ‘do you fancy booking me’ and he did. It was one of those right time / right place moments and made my summer.

He wrote back to me saying ‘You will be perfect for the Sunday red-eyed ravers’ and I stole that title.

This track is just a bit of fun really – its a dance tune that goes down a treat when I play it live. I sent out a demo version to Steve Lamacq last year and he played it on 6music saying ‘I dont know how to describe that, but I like it’.

11. Send Out The Search Party

I wrote this song whilst staying at a cold damp gloomy B&B in Lincolnshire – Whilst there I was on twitter and one of my followers wrote back to me saying “do we need to send out the search party”.

I think out of all the songs on the album this one took the longest to finish and went through over a dozen versions.

It also features vocals from the very excellent Barry – or as most people know him ‘Oxygen Thief‘ – I know I keep saying that a lot of these songs are my favourite but this one in particular is one I really like. I hated it for such a long time – but towards of recording the album it all came together … I also made this rather trippy video for the song using lots of little clips I recorded last Autumn. Most of the footage is from the Brighton ‘White Night’ event.

12. Within Frozen Time

So the last track on the album. This one takes its title from another TLB forum members post.
I was originally just going to have this as a hidden track on the album but did not like having 6 tracks on one side and only 5 on the other 🙂

The track was recorded on a number of train journeys. In my view the whole of ATPLP2 is the perfect album to listen to on a train or whilst driving – there is a lot of ‘motion’ in the tracks.

And there you have it – my track by track run through of my new album … I am currently waiting for the reviews to come in and really hope people enjoy it

After reading this track by track run down I hope you are excited to hear the album – well now you can.

I have set up an exclusive Sound Cloud set where you can hear the album up until it is release and then you will be able to keep listening on my website. To hear it just click the link below.

Please listen and share this link – I am so proud of this album and really want as many people as possible to hear it.

Thanks ….

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