GAI – Review on Room 13

I had a lovely review on the Room 13 website … you can read it > here
Or if you prefer, I have pasted it below…The album got 11/13 which I am chuffed about!

After releasing a well acclaimed debut album in 2009, receiving rave reviews from the festival circuit and spending a year further honing their craft, electro-party rockers Amongst The Pigeons seemed to have picked up the rave-shaped ball where they left off with new album Get Amongst It .

Upon the first immediate listen, you feel like you’ve been thrown onto the set of an old school sci-fi TV series being directed Gary Numan, the glitchty beats that make up good percentage of Amongst The Pigeons’ sound loop in and out and over each making some crazy patterns in one’s head. Dizzying? Yes but beautiful at the same time.

The use of up and coming British folk talent providing the vocals is a clever move, adding more dimensions and warmth to something that could potentially sound cold and soulless. The likes of Chris T-T lending his dulcet tones to the Mike Skinner-esque narrative of Empties

For a sound that has been so well established over the years, it is refreshing to hear a progressive and relatively new take being thrown into the mix. Every track jumps from tempo to tempo with shadowy samples appearing from almost out of nowhere; it certainly keeps you on your toes which seem to be a rarity these days.

In a scene that has been seemingly dominated by dubstep, it is cool that electronic music is able to push boundaries without resorting to the wobbling bass now seeming slightly main stream. After the success of SBTRKT, the next potential wave of forward thinking electro-heads has seemed to have landed fast and firmly into the consciousness of the party animal masses. An album that bends and melds genres to its own will with such ease and that creates a million pictures in your head. Roll on summer as the soundtrack has arrived.

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