Lexapalooza 2013

Things may appear to have been quiet on the ATP front but I can assure you they are not.

I have been tinkering with the ATP:LIVE set and working on a whole host of new material. 

So far I have seven new tracks which will either be released as singles, or form part of ATPLP3 or an EP or who knows 🙂

The main reason for this blog post is to bring your attention to my next gig.  This will be on Easter Sunday, 31st March at The Boston Arms in London.

This is not just any gig – it is Lexapalooza.

Lexapalooza is a charity event, I won’t go into the history of it here – but I personally have been to nearly all of the previous events and played before under my old guise of This Lonely Soul.

The line up for this years event is amazing – so many great acts and I will be playing my new set for the first time.

I am not allowed to say what time I am on – the idea is you go for the whole day and enjoy all the acts. I really hope you are able to make it as it never fails to be a great day.

Full event details are here on Facebook.

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