All the news (new single, new video and new album)

I am delighted to announce a load of news today.
There’s quite a bit to cover so please bear with me.

New Single and Video

First up the new single.

Today sees the release of the first new ATP music since 2014! It is a track called ‘Polly Bee Gone’ and it is available on all digital streaming services and stores – please do go and have a listen.

There is also a little video which sits alongside it which you can watch below. I am going to do a separate blog post about the making of this shortly.


Begging Your Pardon

Alongside the single I have also released details of a new album which comes out in March 2019.

Amongst The Pigeons - Begging Your Pardon Cover

The album is called ‘Begging Your Pardon (an introductory collection)’ and features 18 tracks.

‘Polly Bee Gone’ is one of the tracks. The other 17 are all older tracks which have been ever so slightly remixed and remastered to create a collection of some of my favorite ATP songs so far. Back in the day I released over 70 tracks as ATP and wanted to create a collection that sits between the old and the masses of new music that will be out later this year.

The album features at least one song from all of the previous albums and EPs and includes the collaborations with Piers Blewett, Frank Turner, Chris T-T and Ben Marwood.

Again, this is available on all digital streaming services and online stores.

If you are on Spotify you can pre-Save the album and get it added to your collection when it comes out.

There will be more about this album over the next few weeks leading up to its release.

How can you help?

I appreciate a lot of people don’t buy physical music anymore and the majority of people tend to stream their music these days which makes it harder for musicians.

But there are other ways you can help.

1. First of all liking/following ATP on various outlets helps. The main ones we are trying to build a following on at the moment are:

If you went to each of those services and followed/liked us it would be amazing.

2. If you are on Spotify please add the new single to one of your personal playlists. Spotify playlists are a really powerful way of getting noticed and will help with the next wave of music coming later this year.

3. Leave a review – Leave a review of my music on iTunes/ Amazon etc

4. Share and tell your friends. Put a post on your social media and share the video, Facebook page or Spotify page. If each person who heard my music told one of their friends to help and they told one, who told one, and so on, it would do more than I ever could on my own.

5. Sit back and enjoy the music. It can be a hard balance putting out music, trying to build a following and know when to lay off it all. So my final request is that at the end of the day you sit back and just enjoy the music.

peace & feathers x