Mayday Mayday

Blimey. It’s been over a month since I last did a little update so I thought I had better do another one.

I’ve actually been quite busy. I have finished my new ATP:LIVE show and am ready to rock’n’roll with a full 30-45 minute live show. Just waiting for people to book me now.

I finished what will become the 3rd ATP album. It’s a 7 track album and is only 20 minutes long but it packs a punch in that time. Still not sure when I release this just yet.

I have also been working on another new song which I am really happy with and am planning to release it ASAP. There’s a few little tweaks needed but I want to get it out for the summer – ahead of the album even.

So that’s me. I am going to Glastonbury in June and although I don’t have any official slots I will be rocking up at some of the bars trying to get a slot so keep your ears peeled.