Glastonbury 2019 – summary

Catch The Sun

I have been going to Glastonbury since 1995 and apart from missing a few over the years I have been to pretty much all of them since then.

This year I got to play a number of shows over the week and wanted to do a quick summary about it all.

Firstly – It is worth noting I have not played live as Amongst The Pigeons in over 6 years so before the festival I was feeling a bit nervous about it all.

I played my first Glasto show on Wednesday afternoon at The Green Info stage. It was a lovely little show with a nice passing crowd who occasionally stopped for a dance.

Then on Wednesday evening I did my first ever ATP eco-electro show. I set up in the Theatre & Circus field and just started playing. Before long I had built up a nice little crowd who all stuck around to enjoy the show. The set up for this is all run off a USB-powerbank and I will be doing more of these shows at future events.

The main ATP:LIVE show came on Friday night into Saturday morning at The Open Arms stage. I was really looking forward to this and the show beat all my expectations. It was the perfect time for one of my sets. Lots of happy people who all became amongst the pigeons with me and a lot of dancing took place.

The PA was loud and the whole thing felt great. I am now utterly excited about the next round of shows I have coming up and feel the rebirth of ATP is now well and truly underway.

Thanks to all the people who let me play and all the people who came to watch, dance, take photos and support – I will be working my hardest to return in 2020!