A few thoughts ahead of ATPLP3 being released

Hi folks.

It’s not long until my third album as ATP comes out and in the run up to it’s release I wanted to share a few personal thoughts and reflections.

I’ll start by saying that I never intended to resurrect ATP after stopping back in 2014 – it really did happen by accident. For those of you who knew about me back then you may remember I said I felt I had taken ATP as far as I could and I think that still stands true – but for that moment in time.

Over the last five years I have changed and developed as a human and a musician/producer. In part that is because of the music I made with my friend Ollie as Exactly Zero and also because my kids have grown up more and the concept of time and importance has changed for me.

This new album is a bit like releasing a debut album for me, it is a reset and a chance to move forward on fresh foundations. Many of the people who have listened to it so far have said it sounds fresh and exciting which is a massive compliment as there is so much good music out there at the moment and I have never tried to fit in with what the current trends are doing.

I make music before I enjoy the process of doing so, it is a cathartic release for me from the world and it is not over exaggeration to say it keeps me sane. I know there are a ton of musicians who make music and never release it and also those that release it in the hope it brings them fame and fortune. I release my music as I hope it gives enjoyment to the people listening to it and yes, selfishly, I like to know what people think and I do enjoy the compliments when they come.

I properly got into making Those Stolen Moments last Autumn and on the whole it came together quite quickly. I then had to mix it and do all the promo and such like that goes with releasing an album. I made the videos and adverts and well …. everything. There are times that can be exhausting but now it is all done and out the way it has given me a sense of achievement and I am excited to hear what you make of the album.

I was recently asked why my ambitions for the album are and having had time to reflect more on that I would say the following. I hope that the people who liked ATP before enjoy this new album, I hope any new people enjoy the album, I hope both groups of people tell other people about it and that it gets heard by fans of electronica and new music.

I don’t do this for money or fame but in order to keep progressing and getting noticed things like ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ seem to be important. So if you have read this and appreciate the effort I put into making and releasing music please can you like ATP on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and so on and also share the album with at least one other person who you feel would like to hear it.

That would mean the world to me.

I am already making good progress on the next ATP release(s) and have a lot of ideas for 2020 – but for now – find your own ‘Stolen Moment’ and listen to the album and let it take you on a little journey.