Ever since I started doing ATP I have always used the end of the year as a time to reflect and look back over what has happened over the last 12 months.

At the end of 2019 I had just released my third album and was gearing up for what was set to be my busiest year in terms of live shows and playing festivals. I had so much planned and like all other musicians it was wiped out by Covid.

I did do a few live streaming shows such as this one which was live and direct from my Motorhome on my driveway.

I miss seeing crowds and playing live but have been keeping busy.

Back in February I released ‘Inflight Entertainment’ as a single. This was a track from my third album and in many ways it was the end of that campaign. I then went to St Lucia for two weeks and during that time the world went crazy and I returned to the UK lockdown.

It got to around June and I released a new song called ‘Can You Manage? Do You Understand?’ It was a song inspired by Covid and was about Dr Li Wenliang who was one of the first doctors in China to try and warm the Government about what was happening. He was silenced and sadly later died of the virus himself. The phrase become a call to arms for continued freedom of speech.

Then in October I released another single called ‘Before The Storm Hits’ which featured Tom Wells who makes music under the guise ‘Fast Trains’. Both this and CYMDYU got loads of airplay on electronica radio shows and helped me reach a wider audience.

On the surface it may look like that’s all I’ve done this year however behind the scenes I have been working on my 4th ATP album which I have just finished. I had always wanted to get it done by the end of 2020 and I am pleased to say it is sounding amazing.

There are a lot of guest vocalists on the album. All but one recorded their parts themselves and sent them across for me to work on.  It is a very collaborative album. Many different voices which I feel all hold together as a single body of work and I am bloody proud of it.  I actually started ATPLP4 in June 2019 before I had even finished by third album.

In a similar sense, even though I have only just finished the album I already have 5 new (new) songs that won’t be on the album.  So it’s been quite a productive year. I feel like it’s all falling into place for a good 2021 and really hope I get to do some gigs again, go to festivals again and see you in a field somewhere with a pigeon mask on – and not the anti Covid types!