My press [re] lease

Hi again, its me … I thought I would post my current press release below in case anyone would like to know more about me, what I do, why and how I do it.

CAT got your ear?..

Based in Brighton, Amongst the Pigeons is a place inhabited by soaring loops and the beating of electronic wings. Discovered in early 2005 via the talk-speak places internet people huddle, ATP grew forth.

Radio One’s Rob Da Bank was quick to champion tracks (Firefly and the classic la la la la la laa song) from seminal EP release, ‘wings wings: beat’, which also slunk their way onto XFM, Juice, WCRfm, and Radio Reverb.

Contrary to the posters that have appeared on Brighton streets, CAT was not lost – just hiding, honing, purrfecting…

DJ slots and remixes for upwardly mobile Brighton musical outfits – Miss Pain, Largo & End of Level Baddie – have provided whisker fuelled entertainment since 2006, as has extensive beat-mongering in aid of ATP’s first full length LP.

‘Music to brush your teeth to’ (completed summer 2008) features 18 tracks of blips, beats, samples and some rather special guests, such as Frank Turner, Beans on Toast and Massive Attack vocalist, Debbie Clare.

With samplers being played out to general satisfaction on XFM, Radio 6 Music and Mary Anne Hobbs’s experimental show and a tour being lined up for early 2009, CAT is currently seeking a label to release this new LP into the wild…

Flutter, flutter, miaow, miaow..

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