Pigeon Watch 01 : Who let the bird in?

As part of this blog I plan on having a kind of ‘Pigeon Watch’ thing going on where I will add posts about pigeon related matters in Brighton, Uk and beyond.

This may include photos, stories and silly little things like the text below. You see I work in an office during the day so that I can afford to live as my musical career is yet to take off (as in fly – bird – pigeon) and last weekend someone left a window open in the gents toilets so today this appeared in my inbox from the boss:

Please do not open the window in the Gents, it was opened and left open last weekend an a pigeon got in and crapped everywhere.
This is a health hazard and also a potential security threat (not the pigeon – but the wide open window).
I suggest that if you need to increase the ventialtion (for obvious reasons) then you switch on the lights which will activate the extract fan.

It made me smile. I did not leave the window open but do often hear the pigeons outside. There will be more Pigeon Watch blogs over time.

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