Inspiration Comes From

At the weekend I got the new album by The Streets entitled ‘everything is borrowed’. I have been listening to it a lot today and really like it.

I first took note of the The Streets when they released ‘has it come to this’ and later the album ‘original priate material’. This was quite a few years ago and for a long time I love that album. The idea that one guy had pretty much made such an amazing album on this computer by himself was an inspiration. I think The Streets are one of those bands you either get or you don’t. I do.

Mike Skinner is an amazing poet and the first two album are filled with some really great gems. I did not buy the third album as what I had heard of it was shit and many people I knew disproved of it. That said you should never listen to your friends, journalists or anyone with music – make up your own mind.

So now Mike Skinner has just put out the 4th Streets album and its quite different from the first two as its made up of songs played by a live session band. From what I gather Mike said ‘I want you guys to make a sound like this’ and they did. It sounds cool hearing The Streets in this way as it gives is a more wholesome feel.

I saw The Streets like a month or so ago on Brighton beach with this new backing band and even the older songs sounded so much better. Part of me wishes that they would release a live album, but I don’t think they ever sound as good on record.

My point of all this?

Well, at the moment Amongst The Pigeons is me making music on my laptop and eventually I would like to be able to both play it live and record new songs with a real band of musicians. For me this seems a long way off but it is a dream, a hope I have that one day I can do it.

If you have not listened to it yet check out the new The Streets album.

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