Don’t blow your cover

This week I have been working up in London at Waterloo. This involved getting up extra early and sitting on the train for hours everyday. Although this can be quite boring I used the time to work on Music To Brush Your Teeth To.

I am pleased to say that now 16 of the 18 tracks are finished. The two that need work on are ones which other people are providing guest vocals for. So I have to wait for them to free up some time and come back from other lands to finish these.

This week I also spent some time working on the artwork for the album and I am pleased to say I have finished the cover and cd face. I was going to post a preview of them on here but think I will wait until nearer the actual release which now looks like it will be early 2009.

It will be mixed and mastered at the end of the year and all in all I am so excited about getting it out there.

Ok … that’s all really for now. I have loads I want to say but don’t want to bore you.

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