They’ve gone their own way….

I spent the weekend just gone having the above words going round and round in my head. They are part of a sing called Love Pigeons which will be on the album. My good friend Ollie provided the vocals to me on Friday. He is currently travelling South East Asia and recorded the vocals whilst travelling (on his phone), he emailed them over to me and I have been cutting up 7 tracks of vocals and adding effects, moving bits around and making the song sound damn sexy!

When you make music you seem to spend a lot of time listening to tiny bits of the songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. In this case I was working on the last 40 seconds of the track in which Ollie sings ‘They’ve gone their own way’.

I have tried as much as possible to not be there when people record the vocals for the songs. I love the idea of people recording them away from me and then putting the whole thing together. As I say, Ollies vocals were recorded in South East Asia. My friend Tim recorded his vocal track whilst in Spain and others have done the same.

The other good thing about working on Love Pigeons is that once this is finished it leaves me with just one final track to finish and then the album is done. I have (currently) spent just over a year on this album and even though I love it, I cant wait to finish it off and start work on LP2.

I have also been cunning in the way I made this album – the last track I have to finish is the last track on the album ….. so more on that soon!


One thought on “They’ve gone their own way….

  1. The Pigeons are everywhere in Malaysia. There’s not so many Pigeons in Thailand. There’s a few Pigeons in Laos an Vietnam. Didn’t see any in Cambodia. I like the white Pigeons as you don’t see them very often. They almost look like Doves (but sound so dissimilar)!

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