Magic People, Pigeon People

On Friday night I took to the decks in a tiny club in Brighton; Tom’s Gallery. The night was put on by Brighton promoters Club Mayhem.

My set was due to start at Midnight but started about thirty minutes later after trying to find a power lead for one of the decks. Once that was found I spent a minute getting used to the mixer and then began my set.

I have made a little track that I plan to play whenever I play live or do a DJ set. Its based on the opening track of my album but with a few more beats under it. So I started the set with that and merged it into a brief bit of pigeon sounding circus beats, then some Old Orleans Jazz before uping the tempo with a track called Tension by my heros Orbital.

The following hour took some major twists and turns, focusing on dance, hip-hop and d’n’b for the middle of the set and then towards the end I played some jazzy, soulful numbers, a bit of Disney and some classics like Hendrix and The Beatles.

It would be fair to say that everyone in that little room (probably about 50 people) was dancing their nuts off. I was dancing behind the decks and can’t wait to do it again.

Alongside the music I also unleashed the first wave of ATP Pigeon Masks. They were more popular than drugs, people kept asking for more until the first batch ran out. In fact they were so popular that I will have to make more for the next ATP outing and may put the design on my website as a pdf for people to download.

Anyway … Photos of the night are up on myspace

Hopefully see you at the next ATP outing! x

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