Two nights ago I recorded the vocals for the final track on my album. Since then I have cut them up, added effects, and done all kinds of things to them. As such I have now 99.9% finished my debut album.

This morning whilst on a very early train up to London I listened to the album all the way through from start to, finish and I must say I am rather happy with it. There are a few tiny little tweaks that need to be done but on the whole its FINISHED!
In the new year I will be getting it mixed and mastered and then getting it put on iTunes (and similar), getting CDs pressed and also making some tapes for all the old school people out there.
At the moment I would say that the album will most likely be available for you to buy around Easter/Spring time! I will do more posts between now and then and may soon give you the full track listing, artwork etc ….. maybe.
I have also been working on another new remix for a local band called The Collector. I hope to have that finished next week so will let you know once I have and where you can go to listen to it.
Until then – stay warm, stay happy. Peace and Feathers!

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