Rip Offs and Mastering

It’s been a while.

Things have been happening – last night I went round to see my friend Ed in his new flat and we sat in his studio for about 6 hours mixing and mastering the ATP album. I am very pleased to say its almost mastered and sounds amazing!

I am still waiting on some clearance from Faber and Faber to use Philip Larkins poems in the track ‘Larkin About’. This is holding up the album somewhat and I am hoping they actually allow the track to be released.

Also at the moment my good friend Little Gav is putting together the ATP album artwork.

So – with all that in hand I am hoping to be able to press the album soon and look to get it out there in shops, online etc in July.

Now …..

A few weeks ago I got an email from Pat Kenedy at a company called Crucial Domains. They have purchased and have asked me if I would like to buy it off them for … wait for it … $997!!!


Anyway I wrote to him and basically said his company is a rip off and that cyber sitting on domains is a nasty way to make money.

So I have been thinking – lets all submit the price of $10 as an offer and basically keep wasting their time. If any of you know ways of grabbing back a domain that someone is sitting on please let me know! The link below takes you to the Crucial Domains rip off page.

If anyone wants to email Pat and submit an offer use this address:

Lets try and put the cat amongst them cyber sitting feathers.

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