Almost There….

I have been waiting on a few things of late – mostly to do with samples and permissions for tracks on my album. Today I hear that Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank is allowing me to use his voice on the opening track on the album – I am rather chuffed!

So now all I am waiting on is permission from the Philip Larkin crew regards using his poem ‘Pigeons’ in my track ‘Larkin About’. There has been a long story about this one and there are currently quite a few people invloved – the Larkin Society, the Larkin Estate & Faber and Faber; the publishers.

I am hoping to hear back regards this one soon – at the moment its the only thing holding up the album going to get pressed. Once I do hear back it will be go – go – go.

I can’t wait to have the album out there for you all to buy!


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