MTBYTT : Track Tales – pt.1

Yesterday I posted the track listing for MTBYTT and a while ago I thought of writing a bit about each track so you, the reader will know more about them when you buy the album and listen to the songs.

Here goes – I think I’ll break it down into 4 posts, each with 4 songs .. some of them are probably not very exciting but I’ll try my best.

01. Music To Brush Your Teeth To

The opening track has the same title as the album, generally something I dont like but in this instance I think it works.

The track has the voice of Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank on it. Many years ago Rob played one of my old songs on his show and I recorded his voice – it seemed to fit in really well as an album opener. A bit like Mary Anne Hobbs on the Mr Scruff album. Rob gave me the go ahead to use it on the album so I thank him.

The teeth washing and gurgaling sounds were recorded whilst I was in a hotel in holland. And the reason I called the album ‘Music to brush your teeth to’ is because a lot of my old demos were all 2 mins long – the ideal time to brush your teeth for.

I also use this track to open all my DJ shows.

02. Deep Housey

Deep Housey is a nod to the old school house tracks of yesteryear. It was one of the first tracks I recorded for MTBYTT and took one of the longest times to finish it.

A large part of the song was recorded whilst I was in a hotel reception in Austria following a Ski Trip. I then continued the track on my EasyJet flight back home.

DH was released as a low key download single last year and the song has had a fair bit of radio play since then. The likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and a number of 6 Music DJs have aired this tune.

03. Hold Tight: Brighton

This song was the first ever ATP song – made in 2001? It was originally on my now sold out ‘wings wings beat ep’ and was called Firefly. I decided to add it to the album as I really liked it and wanted more people to hear it.

The song was featured on a Brighton Council tourisim advert a few years back which is why it got renamed to Hold Tight: Brighton. Which is a nod to the Chemical Brothers song Hold Tight London.

04. Trouble On The Deathstar

People who know me will know that I am a rather large Star Wars fan. This song was another of the really early MTBYTT tracks. Most of the song was recorded and finished in just one day. I had originally hoped to use the actual sample from Star Wars, A New Hope in the song but was pretty sure George Lucas would not allow it.

So I re spoke the lines that Hann says when they first board the Deathstar and rescue the princess. There is also a video for this song kicking around on youtube – the link for that is somewhere in my previous posts.

So thats the first 4 tracks – I’ll do the next four soon! Hope you enjoy these little insights.

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