MTBYTT : Track Tales – pt.2

I did the first four tracks earlier and here come the next four on the album.

05. Bird Flew

Bird Flew is a jumpy beat driven little number. The song features a sample by Beans On Toast. The bass in this song was done by Mrs Pigeons!

I first saw Beans on Toast live years ago when he was supporting Frank Turner – his songs are so catchy, funny and I really wanted to use his track in mine. I sent him the song and he said he loved it and was happy for it to be used.

06. Pavlov’s Pigeon

Almost until the album went to press this song was called ‘Behavioural Devices’ but I changed it at the last minute. The song is one of two on the album that feature pigeon related samples I found on YouTube.

This song is all about teaching Pigeons how to be clever and learn – much like the idea of Pavlov’s Dog. The running theme is that “repetition leads to reinforcement”.

07. Larkin About

Larkin About takes its lyrics from a Philip Larkin poem called ‘Pigeons’ and will be the first single from the album – released 03.08.09

The song features Frank Turner on lyrical duties and was recorded in a pub in Copsale in April 08. For those of you that don’t know Frank – where have you been?

I made the backing of the song whilst in Holland and sent it over to Frank with some very bad guide vocals – we then met up before one of his gigs to record the vocals.

The track has been approved by the Larkin Estate and Larkin Society and I am hoping it will get some radio play as a single.

08. The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt.1)

Red Lights One was originally just a single track before a conversation with a friend of mine made me realise that it would be good with vocals and so it became a two parter.

This track closes off the A Side of the album and in turn Red 2 closes the album proper.

The title is all about being stuck in a traffic jam on the way home from work when all you see is a line of red lights going down the road and all you want to do is get back home as fast as possible.

Not really sure what else to say about this one – it probably took less that an hour to finish it.

So these first 8 tracks make up side one …. more to follow.

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