MTBYTT : Track tales – pt.4

The final 4 tracks of the debut ATP Album are:

13. Love Pigeons

At one of the cinemas in Brighton lives a couple of pigeons, they are love pigeons and were first seen by my good friend Ollie Barron. These love pigeons sit in the stairwell and kiss and poo on everyone below. It seemed only fitting to write a song about them.

I made the backing track and sent it to Ollie whilst he was travelling SE Asia, he then recorded the vocals on his mobile phone and emailed them back to me in Brighton where I cut them up, added effects and played around with them.

This song was the result.

I am making a video for this song and may well release it as a single towards the end of the year. The video is going to be great so keep your eyes peeled.


A very short little DnB track. The song plays hommage to Brighton through the use of a sample in the song. I made this song whilst sitting on my sofa eating pizza.

15. Wings Wings BeAt

Wings Wings Beat was the title of my first EP released back in 2005. This song is based around a sample from the children’s show Pigeon Street in which the lyrics go ‘ on pigeon street, where sings, wings beat’.

It was one of the earlier songs to be finished for the album and I think it was a very summery feel to it. Quite floaty in its delivery.

The capital A in the song title is there for a reason. The reason for that reason may never be told.

16. The Red Lights That Guide You Home (pt.2)

I wanted to close the album with part two of the red lights. Part one is the end of side A and this one in turn closes the whole album.

It features Steph MacGregor on vocals. Go check out her stuff – it’s great! We recorded the vocals in my parents conservatory last December.

It was the last song to be finished for the album and that concludes my track tales for this album.

I get 1000 copies of the album back tomorrow and will begin selling it thru the ATP eStore on Wednesday. So please buy a copy and ask your friends, family and anyone you happen to meet in the streets to also buy a copy.

Many Thanks

Cat x

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