MTBYTT : Track tales – pt.3

When I made MTBYTT I really wanted to have a definitive A side and B side to the record – as though it were a vinyl release. So side two opens with

09. On A Train (In Holland)

Last year I spent quite a bit of time working in Holland (Tight Ya?) and one day when I left Mrs Pigeons set me the task of starting to make a song at Gatwick and having it finished by the evening. OATIH was the result.

I was happily working away on the track on the plane and on the train when all of a sudden a voice came across saying ‘the trains were all delayed’ in Dutch. I did not know what to do. So when the ticket lady came along I asked her and recorded her response so that I knew where I was going.

I cut up parts of the conversation and hey presto = I got a song.

10. If You Unwrap The Wrapper You Leave Me Exposed

The longest track title on the album and the second to use a clip found on youtube. In this song there is a South Afrika lady talking about racing Pigeons. There are also Pigeon chants from some other people.

Those aspects along with the backing track is what makes this song. Can you tell I dont have much to say about it?

11. The Trial & The Beats

The trial and the beats was first worked on in Brighton Law Courts. For anyone who has ever been to court you will know it can be very boring. I took my laptop to keep me company.

I have previously written about this song when I did the post about the video for the song.

But to sum it up – the song featues clips from an old animated movie called Hugo The Hippo which is one of the best films ever made. If you have not seen it get yourself a copy and watch it.

The director of the film gave me permission to use the clips.

12. The Old Bill Move Fast

The trial and the beats, the old bill move fast and love pigeons all merge into each other on the album. Its kind of like a mini 3 act play – the trial – the fuzz and the peace at the other end of it all.

The Old Bill features words and the voice of Tim Lay and is basically an extract from his book ‘The sewerside chronicles‘ set to music. I worked with Tim many moons ago and he wrote SSC around that time. It got published last year after he won the Discovered Artists award.

Its a great read and I would recommend everyone to buy a copy from his site.

The song was created on a train back from Bangor and Tim recorded the vocals over a Skpye telephone call.

The final 4 songs will be talked about soon …

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