Reviews Begin

So the album is ‘officially’ out next week and a number of reviews have started being published. On the whole these are very positive.

I always knew when I released the album that it would not be everyone’s cup of tea and it was maybe a bit of a risk releasing a 16 track album that jumps from here to there and back again via Nijmengen.

I think that’s one of the things I like about the album; it is very varied.

I knew as soon as I finished MTBYTT that I wanted the second album to be a departure from the first one. The debut is a teenager trying to find their feet in the world, experimenting with styles, looks, sexuality and drugs. The second album WILL be a more mature young adult – sure of themselves and where they sit in the world.

This probably all sounds total and utter Bollocks to you the dear ATP reader – but I know exactly what I mean, and, I can assure you when ‘Get Amongst It’ comes out in 2010-2011 or maybe even 2012 – it will be amazing.

In other news I have been asked to DJ in Poland in October – in front of 1000 people – fuck me how cool will that be!

Ok – so back to reviews … here are some so far – and please remember to tell your friends, family and jail mates about me – spread the word, spread your wings.


“Amongst The Pigeons has made a rather lovely album, maintaining a distinctly unlo-fi feel to his dreamy electro-house. It really is the sound of a radiant summer.”
Dannii Leivers – The Fly

“A Bizarre collection of electronica propped up with sampled poetry, ticket collectors and random you tube.”
NC – Brighton Source

“BRIGHTON-based dance DJ Amongst The Pigeons has scrubbed up well on his first offering. On first listen you wonder where the LP is going, meandering about in a world of blips and subdued beats. But then the individual tracks get you – like the fantastic lo-fi Frank Turner collaboration Larkin or smile-raising weirdness such as Bird Flew – and you realise that Music To Brush Your Teeth To is like one long quirky interlude from start to finish..”
Isaac Ashe – Sound Advice

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