MTBYTT – Officially Out Today

The album is now ‘officially’ out on CD and iTunes.

There have been some great reviews coming in over the last few days and some really exciting things going on with some of the tracks and ATP in general. More on those over the next month.

I feel there is still a long way to go, the single did not get much national airplay – so if you have time please email the DJs on Radio1 and 6Music saying you heard my stuff and they should be playing it.

Also – I am still lacking the ability to take this stuff and play it live – I need more gear and time to rehearse – so my focus I think over the next 6 months will be working on ATP live. Alongside that I hope to have a few new tracks ready for an EP next year, this new stuff will hopefully be a little less experimental and more concise.

But for now – thanks to all who have got the album so far – if you have not – WHY>?

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