Last weekend was spent in Warsaw, Poland. I was invited out to DJ with Mr Kordys at an art exhibition/party. I arrived on Friday night with Mrs Pigeons, we rocked up to the very posh Marriot hotel to check in. However after a quick bit of confusion at the reception desk we realised we were meant to be at the less posh Metropol down the road. I really need to read things better.

Saturday morning was spent looking around the cultural area of Warsaw. We went up the Cultural Palace which was really high, saw some Pigeons up there and then went to the technology museum to the James Bond spy exhibition. That was really good fun with drill-guns, gun-bras and more pigeons.

Then Saturday night was the actual DJ Set. We arrived at 1500m2 early evening and took a brief look round. The building is a block of (unused) flats, very eastern European looking and every room had a different art installation in it. Some were just paintings, others were video, some were just odd but the whole place was pretty impressive.

My DJ Set started about 11pm and I did about 1 hour before handing over to Mr Kordys who did 1hr. Then back to me for more music and back to him to end the night … I think we left the venue about 3.30am, a bit tipsy. So found some food opposite our hotel and then sleep.

The next day we visited the Old Town and nursed our heads. Monday was spent shopping and having lots of Mocha’s.

All in all a great weekend was had. I want to thank Kordys for inviting me out there and I’ll be organizing a Pigeon show over here in UK with him soon.

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